21 September 2017 - 15:09

Dog's Dead Man’s Hand Warrior: Infinite Cards!

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Fatigue Warrior decks have always existed in some form or other. Older Control Warrior lists had enough removals and armor gain to be able to win the fatigue war against any other class, with the drop in popularity of Control Warrior over the months due to several key cards rotating out – both Control Warrior and Fatigue Warrior dropped in popularity. With the arrival of Dead Man’s Hand from Knights of the Frozen Throne however, the archetype was resurrected by several top legend players. The deck is very different from Control Warrior lists however, it focuses heavily on drawing your cards aggressively and then using Dead Man’s Hand to reshuffle another copy of Dead Man’s Hand with a copy of Coldlight Oracle into the deck. It

Card Choices

Whirlwind: Whirlwind is a cheap AOE spell that also synergizes with a lot of other cards in the deck like Sleep with the Fishes, Battle Rage and Acolyte of Pain.

Armorsmith: Armorsmith is a very efficient health gain tool in the deck and with multiple cheap minions and whirlwind combos you can gain a ton of armor to outlast all of the damage your opponent is throwing at you.

Battle Rage: Battle Rage works very well with your cheap minions quite well and you should aim to draw at least 2-3 cards each time you use the card.

Bring It On!: Bring It On! is a card you do not want to play against decks like Quest Mage or Kazakus(Highlander) Priest because you might directly hand them the win. It is however very good against aggressive decks that like to go all in, allowing you to bait out their cards fast and play removal spells to wipe out their board.

Dead Man's Hand: Dead Man’s Hand is the cornerstone of the deck as it makes the deck what it is. You ideally want to shuffle a copy of Coldlight Oracle and another Dead Man’s Hand into your deck each time you play it.

Execute: Execute is a very good hard removal despite the nerf the card received in the past, raising its cost from 1 mana to 2. You have a ton of activators in the deck so getting value out of the card is definitely not going to be a problem.

Public Defender: Public Defender is a basic taunt to keep your minions protected and also prevent face damage. It is essentially 7 heal for 2 mana which is quite great.

Slam: Slam is both a removal and a card draw tool that can help you cycle through your deck. It also has synergy with things like Execute.

Sleep with the Fishes: Sleep With the Fishes is a very good AOE removal tool that synergizes with your Whirlwind effects to wipe out aggressive boards very efficiently.

Shield Block: Shield Block is one of the few ways to gain health /armor in this deck and it also cycles you a card. We do not run any cards to heal you and the deck relies completely on armor gain.

Blood Razor: Blood Razor is extremely powerful against decks like Aggro Druid, Token Shaman and Pirate Warrior. It can also be used to activate other cards like Acolyte of Pain and Battle Rage.

Brawl: Brawl is a very powerful AOE spell that can deal with very large boards very effectively. You can also try 50-50 removals against big minions by dropping a minion of yours in bad scenarios.

Scourgelord Garrosh: Scourglelord gives you a very powerful weapon that deals cleave damage and also changes your hero power to deal 1 AOE damage each turn. The hero power has a lot of synergy with cards like Battle Rage, Execute etc. You only want to play the card only if you have a decent amount of armor of have armor gain cards left in the deck (unless your opponent is out of resources already).

Bloodmage Thalnos: Bloodmage Thalnos can buff up the effects of Whirlwind and Sleep With the Fishes, and it also is a cheap cycle card that helps you dig deeper into your deck to find cards you need.

Scourgelord Garrosh

Dirty Rat: Dirty Rat is very effective against Combo decks like Quest Mage to disrupt their combo and pull out key minions in Battlecries in general. You should always have follow up for what comes out ready to make sure you are able to deal with it without

Acolyte of Pain: Acolyte of Pain is put in the deck for card draw and it works very well with your whirlwind effects and you can easily get at least 2 cards out of it very consistently. It can also be effective against aggressive decks as opponents do not want you to get value out of your Acolyte.

Coldlight Oracle: Coldlight Oracle is a milling tool and you want to replay this card several times over with Dead Man’s Hand to duplicate. It will allow you to burn your opponent’s cards or simply take him close to fatigue as quickly as possible.

Skulking Geist: Skulking Geist is meant to be a counter to Jade Druid as Jade Idol prevents fatigue while your deck’s goal is to take your opponent to fatigue. It is also a great card across the board and can kill off many 1 cost spells that are popular including Evolve, Hallucination, Upgrade and many more.


Against Aggro

  • Whirlwind (and Sleep with the Fishes, Bloodmage Thalnos)
  • Blood Razor
  • Brawl
  • Slam
  • Armorsmith

Against Control

  • Battle Rage
  • Armorsmith
  • Acolyte of Pain
  • Skulking Geist (against any deck with key 1 mana spells)


Dog’s Fatigue Warrior is the hardest deck to play right now and it definitely takes a while getting used to. If you enjoy decks that require you to micro-manage your resources very effectively and generate infinite cards to never hit fatigue.

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