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Legend & Advanced Guides

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Welcome to the Advanced Guides! Here you will find a wide range of articles and topics that will elevate your Hearthstone skills further! These are articles mostly focuses on the concepts and fundamentals, so while they may not be up to date with the latest cards or the meta, the concept and fundamentals does not change!

If you need a refresher, you can also head over to the Beginner Guides section.

General Fundamentals and Strategy

A Closer Look: How to Use the Coin Properly by SHP

Patience and Practice, Keys to Being Better in Hearthstone by HalfbrokeChris

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Laddering Experience by Stonekeep

Hearthstone Deck Tracker or How to Make Your Life Easier by Stonekeep

Planning to Win by Modorra

Hearthstone Mastery: Goals and Game Plan by Luís Magalhães

Legend Tips: The Science of Optimizing Mulligans by Spark

Consistency in Hearthstone: The Why and How by Modded

Hearthstone Fundamentals: Tempo by CynthiaCrescent

Hearthstone Fundamentals: Card Advantage by CynthiaCrescent

The Dynamic of Hero Power – Part 1 by CynthiaCrescent

Mana Matters: Understanding 1 Drops by Dreadmaker

Advanced Guide: Understand Card Slots as a Resource by Dreakmaker

Decision Making/Planning

Concepts and Mechanics

Deck Building

How to Build Synergistic Decks? by Spark

Building Innovative Decks: A Step-by-Step Guide by Smashthings

Deck Building Theory Part 1: The Basics by Blackacre

Deck Building Theory Part 2: Resource Superiority by Blackacre

Deck Building Theory Part 3: Tempo & Core Archtypes by Blackacre

Counter The Net Deck II: Deck Building 101 – The Way of the Aggro by Killswitch

Deck Construction Series: Breathing New Life into Stagnant Net Decking by Killswitch

Top Ten Tips for Better Deck Building by louwilliam

For more deck building guides, check out the Deck Building category.

Tournament and Competitive Play

Ben Nagy’s Big Picture – Why does Blizzard Focus on Tournament Play? by Ben Nagy

Ben Nagy’s Big Picture – Are Nerfs Really Necessary?  by Ben Nagy


Legend Guides

The Legend Grind Part I: Introduction and General Tips by Smashthings

The Legend Grind Part II: Research and Self Mastery by Smashthings

The Legend Grind Part III: Deck Selection by Smashthings

The Legend Grind Part IV: Psychology by Smashthings

Hitting Legend before End of the Year by Asmodeus

10 Tips For Your First Legend Climb by Strangelove

Ladder Timing – Balancing Efficiency, Having Fun and Getting Better by Battler

How to Hit Legend rank on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft by zhandalyhs

Mindset of a Legend Player by k3lv

Combating Ladder Anxiety: Becoming Legend by Camzeee

Closing That Gap: From Rank 5 to Legend! by Dreadmaker

Playing to Win Part One: Defeating the Scrub Mentality by Smashthings

Playing to Win Part Two: Ropes and Mulligans by Smashthings

Playing to Win Part Three: The Art of Bluffing by Smashthings

How to be Legendary: A Guide for Both Beginners and Experienced Players by Azure

To Be A Legend: A Guide to Improving Your Mind by Blackacre

Reaching Legendary: Five Habits You’ll Have To Overcome by Octocat

Reaching Legendary: Five MORE Habits You’ll Have To Overcome by Octocat

Beating the Meta Game

How to Counter the Meta’s Key Decks by JulpaFTW

Metagaming Demystified: Breaking Down Your Deck by modded

An Overview of the Hearthstone Metagame by Chinchillord

On Breaking the Hearthstone Meta Adwcta shares his thoughts on the Hearthstone Meta – how to understand it, embrace it, and finally, how to beat it.

Class Match-ups

Understanding Match-ups Part 1 by Smashthings

Understanding Match-ups Part 2: Recognition and Adjustment by Smashthings

Understanding Match-ups Part 3: Anticipating the Curve by Smashthings

Articles of Interest

Hearthstone's Best Decks: Why Won't They Die? by modded

Intro to Manual Card Tracking by towerbdev (Reddit)

From Zero to Hero: Hearthstone as a Career by Katy

Professional Semi-Professional #2 – Time is Money by Subzerowins

Professional Semi-Professional #1 by Subzerowins

What Next?

Here are more readings for you with a centralized theme:

In-depth Turn Analysis

A series on analyzing and breaking it down a single turn of a game. Highly recommended reading!

Mastering the Arena

You haven't experienced the full range of emotions offered by Hearthstone till you stepped into the Arena. Learn how to draft 6x Fireball or 4x Truesilver Champion!

We're constantly working on this page and adding more guides. More coming soon so be sure to book mark us!

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