31 December 2013 - 09:20

Analysis of Buying Packs vs. Paying for Hearthstone Arena

Dot Esports

Here's an excellent spreadsheet that show the cost of paying for an Arena vs. Buying Packs.


  • If you get more than 4 wins on average in arena, money spent in arena gives you a much better return than buying packs directly

  • Even if your average win is less than 4, you only get between 15-20 % less packs than arena --> it is STILL worth to play arena, to improve and eventually become a 'winning player'

  • Never spend your gold on additional packs - unless you are a 'winning player' that gets 7 or more wins on average on arena (less than 0.1 % of playerbase)

  • The only reason to purchase packs is to speed up the process. Getting packs through arenas is very efficient, but takes time

  • If you consider opportunity cost (for example you could spend the time playing arena on overtime in your job, making $100 per hour - buying packs might be the best, but please also consider the fun aspect of playing arena


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