The spiritual successor to Annoy-o-Tron joins the Boomsday Project

It's annoying, Jim, but not as we know it.

Callum Leslie  -  17 hours ago

Where to find a Boomsday Project pre-release Hearthstone Fireside Gathering

If you want to open your packs early, here's where you need to go.
Callum Leslie - 18 hours ago

Egg Hunter emerges as a popular Hunter deck in the last days of the Witchwood meta

The deck was really popular in yesterday's Hearthstone Global Games matches.
Callum Leslie - 20 hours ago

Elemental Shaman gets a new tool from The Boomsday Project

It's nothing radical, but it could help an archetype from a previous expansion.
Callum Leslie - 3 days ago

Hearthstone's Midsummer Fire Festival is returning

Double your gold throughout the rest of the month.
Brittany Vincent - 3 days ago