12 July 2018 - 09:09

Upcoming Fortnite cosmetics datamined from update 5.0

Skins, skins, and more skins.
Image via Epic Games

Resident Fortnite dataminers @TwoEpicBuddies are at it again, as the YouTube duo have datamined a ton of new cosmetics form the game's brand new 5.0 update.

The datamine includes a number of new skins, pickaxes, and gliders. It's unclear whether these will be included via the Battle Pass, or if they are all going to be purchasable via V-Bucks in the next few weeks.

Some of the new outfits include a bad-ass viking, male and female luchadors, a man in a shark costume, a soldier, and a dude in a black and purple hoodie. Some of them come with back bling, including the shark guy who gets his own big fin.

In one of the more interesting datamines, @TwoEpicBuddies have found the two skins that will be updated via progression in season five. The two skins start out rather basic, but become insanely bad-ass by the time they are maxed out. There will also be yet another secret skin like the Blockbuster/Visitor skin from season four.

Some of the new gliders include a sweet-looking viking ship, a rescue boat, and different colored gliders to match up with the new skins. Pickaxes matching up with some of the new skins and gliders can also be seen below.

The dataminers also includes some brand new contrails, which are seen when players jump from the battle bus. These trails include hearts, ice, and even unrolling toilet paper. A number of new emotes were also found.

Stay tuned for more info about the skins included in 5.0, including all of those that can be unlocked in the Battle Pass.

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