12 July 2018 - 09:56

These are all of the new outfits available in Fortnite's season 5 Battle Pass

These are the skins you'll be hunting for the next two months.
Image via Epic Games

Season five of Fortnite has arrived! And with it comes a brand new Battle Pass with 100 tiers of unlocks. As always, there are a bunch of new outfits to unlock.

In total, there are seven new skins to work towards in this season's pass, so let's take a look at what you'll be getting as you play through the season.

Tier 1 - Huntress

Huntress has a noticeably viking theme, including a dope hairstyle and some bad-ass facepaint.

Tier 1 - Drift

Drift is this season's tier one skin that can be evolved via playing the game. As you progress through the season, Drift progresses from a simple spray painter into this glowing outfit that can be seen above.

Tier 23 - Redline

Redline is the female counterpart to an already existing skin.

Tier 47 - Sun Strider

Have some fun in the sun with this lifeguard who would easily give Wendy Peffercorn a run for her money.

Tier 71 - Sledgehammer

This bad-ass military operator is ready to kick ass and take names, all while rocking a filthy beard.

Tier 87 - Rook

Rook is a former desk jockey turned field agent who is ready to prove herself.

Tier 100 - Ragnarok

This is the one you want. This season's tier 100 skin is Ragnarok, and he can also be customized. As he levels up, he gains more hair and armor, eventually finishing up with this insanely dope look above.

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