4 July 2018 - 13:45

Fortnite players are making Mario Kart tracks in Playground mode

The shopping cart is the best go-kart.
Image via Epic Games

After a few hiccups, Playground mode has finally arrived in Fortnite and players are already getting creative with it. In no time at all, some craftier types have made awe-inspiring Mario Kart-themed racetracks. Just don't expect too many banana peels. Or even motors.

Using the shopping cart as an in-game go-kart substitute, players have created different tracks to race around. Some have made generic tracks that loop around in the air while others have chosen to use the world's preexisting environments to create more themed tracks.

The different tracks have all stemmed from a popular video circulating on the Fortnite Reddit. That track glides through partly destroyed buildings, using boost pads to launch players over different jumps and obstacles. The popularity of the video has lad to a wave of other creators hoping to try and follow by example on other parts of the map.

Mario Kart isn't the only game that players have used to inspire their creations, however. Players have also been creating pixel-like artwork to show off online, such as Charmander from the Pokémon games.

Playground is a new Limited Time Mode in Fortnite that allows the creative types to run wild without having to worry about anyone shooting at them. It has been made to give players the option to create anything that they can think of using the base map and build-able structures.

The game mode has been plagued with difficulties over the past few days with Epic Games constantly removing the mode only to relaunch it days later. The company has pinned the delays on in-game bugs. Epic also had trouble with Fortnite's popular 50 vs. 50 mode, which experienced similar issues. Blue shells not being one of them.

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