2 July 2018 - 19:01

Fortnite players are using the magnifying glass pickaxe to solve a mystery

Elementary, my dear Watson.
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Last night, Fortnite's in-game store updated with a batch of fresh new skins with a detective theme. The Sleuth, Noir, and Gumshoe outfits are all super cool, but it's the Magnifying Axe harvesting tool that may be of some actual importance.

According to a Reddit user by the name of Thias2408, some images can be found on the map and seen only when looking through the new cosmetic pickaxe, in true detective style.

Image via u/Thias2408

Thias2408 posted the above image to Reddit, seen at Flush Factory. Using his friend's Magnifying Axe to view the image, it appears to show a man in a hat, and there's a caption that reads "Employee of the Month."

More importantly, the image also has a date underneath it in Roman numerals. The numbers translate to 18, seven, and 2,018. This more than likely means the date of July 18, 2018, which is in 16 days and takes place after the start of season five.

With season four due to end on July 12, speculation is running rampant on what will happen in-game after Fortnite's rocket launch. Theories have run wild about time travel, tears in the space-time continuum, and points of interest being replaced by new ones sent from the past.

Could Flush Factory be replaced by a new Roman-themed point of interest? It's anyone's guess at this point, but we also guess that the folks at Epic Games are having a ton of fun placing little clues like this throughout the map. It's possible that there are many more clues like this that can only be seen with the Magnifying Axe, so it's time to put on your deerstalker hats and get out there, Fortnite players.

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