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Fortnite's All Terrain Kart: What are they, how to use them, and where to find them

Let's talk about Fortnite's newest vehicle.
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In today's Fortnite: Battle Royale 5.0 update, which launched the highly-anticipated fifth season, a whole new vehicle entered the world.

The All Terrain Kart, a suped-up golf cart equipped with off-roading tires, joined the Shopping Cart as a Fortnite vehicle. Found all over the map and fitting four people in total, the ATKs seem to be much superior than the Shopping Carts, which were unveiled as the first vehicle in the game in May. This vehicle can take some damage and is much quicker than Shopping Carts, but you may not find one if you don't know where to look.

Where can I find an All Terrain Kart?

Fortnite doesn't spawn vehicles in the exact same location each time. The game has many different points it spawns items, weapons, and vehicles, but there are usually some spots with an above-average shot at finding the good stuff.

VG247 listed some possible spawn spots, which states the places on the map that have a decent chance of spawning an All Terrain Kart. Here are those locations:

Flush Factory

Screengrab via Epic Games

There's a chance you'll find an ATK northwest of Flush Factory in the nearby parking lot.

Lazy Links

Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games

One of the game's newest points of interest, Lazy Links is a great place to use the All Terrain Kart. If you and your friends want to hang out, relax, and play some golf, an ATK is great for transporting everybody.

Close to the northeast pond and southwest garage are the best places to look for an ATK for Lazy Links.

Paradise Palms

Screengrab via Epic Games

Paradise Palms is another new point of interest in Season Five, and with it's dry and somewhat-rocky terrain, having an ATK can give you an upper hand.

Check northeast of the skyscraper and you might find the vehicle.


Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games

While Lazy Links may be great for an ATK, the racetrack near Paradise Palms is perfect. Race against friends and foes on the track using the ATKs. They can be found near the northern car showroom, on the back of a truck in the parking lot, and in the garage of one of the buildings.

Snobby Shores

Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games

In front of the southern-most house, an ATK may be discovered by the gate. Some additional vehicles have also been found around this spot, including in the garage of one of the houses, in front of another, and behind the second house.

How do I use an All Terrain Kart?

Screengrab via Epic Games

As one would expect, there a few more controls for the All Terrain Kart compared to the Shopping Cart.

To hop in or on the vehicle, press the interact key or button. Once inside, you can drive the ATK by pressing the button you use to fire weapons if you're on a console. To brake or reverse the vehicle, press your aim-down-sight button. If you want to switch seats in the vehicle, you can do so by pressing your right analog. PC players can move the cart using the WASD keys and switch seats by pressing left-ctrl.

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The All Terrain Kart also has the added feature of powersliding. Just as it sounds, you can powerfully drift the cart. This can be done to quickly turn, escape enemies, or just for doing donuts. PC players can use the space key while console players use the left bumper button. You can exit the vehicle by pressing the same key or button you used to enter.

While they're still new, it seems the All Terrain Kart is a hit among fans. The issues the Shopping Cart encountered, however, are likely a cause for concern for both fans and Epic Games' development team as the All Terrain Karts continue on in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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