Brittany Vincent
Gaming writer

Epic Games raise Unreal Engine Marketplace kickbacks because of Fortnite

Everyone benefits in this situation.
13 hours ago

Square Enix apologizes for Octopath Traveler shortages

It seems the demand for the new JRPG was extremely underestimated.
16 hours ago

Hearthstone's Midsummer Fire Festival is returning

Double your gold throughout the rest of the month.
17 hours ago

Nathan Fillion stars in Uncharted fan film

Finally, fans can stop asking for Fillion to take on the role of Drake.
18 hours ago

The Nintendo Labo Creators Contest winners cooked up some veritable magic

From a solar-powered accordion to a teapot minigame, creators showed out.
19 hours ago

The Last of Us Part 2 is giving Ellie an NPC companion

Who will end up traveling alongside Ellie in-game?
5 days ago

Fortnite's new toys let you play golf, basketball, and volleyball

Get your game on in between kills.
5 days ago

Here's your first real look at Spyro Reignited Trilogy gameplay

We gotta see more of that little purple dragon.
5 days ago

Subnautica dives into PlayStation 4 this year

It's another console's chance to explore the murky depths.
6 days ago