Fused Zamasu and Vegito Blue are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ on May 31

The second DLC pack finally has a launch date.
12 hours ago - FGC

League's free week champ rotation: May 22

The free champion rotation changes every Tuesday.
13 hours ago - LoL

Alolan form Pokémon will be coming to Pokémon Go next

There is no release date yet.
15 hours ago - The OP

How to catch Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go

Catch this legendary creature before it leaves the game.
2 days ago - The OP

What has been added or changed to Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch?

The differences between the Switch and Wi U/3DS versions are small, but noticeable.
3 days ago - The OP

KINGZONE show up in the MSI semifinals to beat Flash Wolves

The LCK will face off against the LPL in the finals.
3 days ago - LoL

ESL partners with PUBG Corp to host PGI 2018 European Qualifiers

Three spots at PGI 2018 and $100,000 is up for grabs.
4 days ago - PUBG