Far Cry 5's campaign will take at least 25 hours, director claims

If you go fishing, it will definitely be more.

Ana Valens  -  4 hours ago

The Banner Saga trilogy planned for Nintendo Switch

Yep, that includes the third and final game.
Ana Valens - an hour ago - The OP

How to kill all of the different enemies in Sea of Thieves

Skeletons, Sharks, Captains? All part of the adventure
Adam Newell - 3 hours ago - The OP

What's the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and why did it invest in Ubisoft?

The independent organization funds pensions for Ontario's teachers.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 hours ago - The OP

A new Dragon Ball fighting game is coming for mobile devices

Your favorite Z Warriors are reconvening on mobile.
Brittany Vincent - 5 hours ago - The OP