Yesterday’s Teamfight Tactics PBE update targets new units Senna and Amumu

Buffs and nerfs to units' damage and healing are also being tested.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24 introduced three new champions, the Soulbound class, and damage tweaks to some outliers. But it seems like some units are already in need of a balance change.

Senna and Amumu have already caught the attention of TFT devs. The new Soulbound unit proved too strong at level three and is having her late-game damage reduced in the 10.1 Public Beta Environment (PBE) cycle. And the sad mummy is getting a minor adjustment to his ability range, while some other units get buffed or nerfed as needed.

Here are the Dec. 11 TFT PBE changes.

Image via Riot Games


  • Ability Hex range changed from two/three/four to three at all tiers.


  • Damage per arrow increased from 25/30/35 percent to 30/40/50 percent.


  • Damage lowered from 150/325/650 to 150/300/600.


  • Percent of damage healed lowered from 40/60/80 percent to 40/50/60 percent.


  • Heal lowered from 150/225/300 to 150/175/200.


  • On hit damage lowered from 25/45/75 to 25/45/65.


  • Flame Spitter damage lowered from 70/80/90 to 50/55/60.

Since it’s early in the 10.1 patch cycle, these tweaks are tentative and liable to change before hitting the live servers.