Top 3 meta Teamfight Tactics comps for Patch 10.13

Find out which synergies are best for earning LP.

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With Teamfight Tactics’ mid-set update underway, some players might be looking for a solid comp to climb the ranked ladder. And one fan’s got you covered.

Teamfight Tactics player Wrainbash compiled a list of meta comps used by Challenger players in Patch 10.13, posting the spreadsheet today. Vayne and her Cybernetics squad is still the best comp to run, but the strat hasn’t changed much from the last patch. This tier list focuses on a couple of newcomers that have emerged and can help you rank up in no time.

Here are the best comps for dominating the competition in Patch 10.13.

Jinx and the Rebel fleet

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Some Set Three vets will remember this comp from the beginning of Galaxies when Rebels were virtually unkillable. Well, they’re back.

Former League of Legends pro Sologesang brought back this oldie, which makes Jinx, Gangplank, and Aurelion Sol the carries. Combine them with a devastating six-unit Rebel and you’re virtually unstoppable.

To make sure your Jinx is safe from Infiltrators or any other potential threats, surround her with Rebel units like Master Yi, Yasuo, and Ziggs. Throwing a Guardian’s Angel on her will give the Loose Cannon additional survivability, along with the massive Rebel shield and damage increase. A Last Whisper will also help Jinx take out armored opponents.

Gangplank needs to live long enough to use his ability, so another Guardian’s Angel on him isn’t a bad idea. The Demolitionist buff should let GP stun the entire enemy force. And Ezreal will provide the much-needed Grievous Wounds when equipped with a Red Buff. For additional damage and Grievous Wounds, put Morellonomicon and Rabadon’s Deathcap on Aurelion Sol so he can shoot his way to victory.

The classic Jinx and her Brawlin’ Blasters is still an extremely powerful strategy within the current meta. But Rebels have elbowed their way back into the lineup.

Six Sorcs, Six Star Guardians

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Mid-set update newcomers Janna, Riven, and Viktor definitely know how to make an entrance.

The six-unit Sorcerer and Star Guardian comp is strong, using abilities and raw spell damage to turn enemies into pulp. And all the units have a symbiotic relationship with each other, simultaneously feeding off and buffing one another.

Riven benefits from both bonuses since her Energy Slash scales off magic damage. Former Hearthstone pro Fluffy suggests a Rabadon’s for the Exile, allowing her to deal devastating damage. And a Guardian’s Angel and Quicksilver will keep her alive longer, especially since she’s a frontliner.

Your entire backline will be filled with Sorcs and Star Guardians. Put Janna in the middle to allow her to tornado as many enemies as possible. And equipping her with a Chalice of Power will give the Viktor a favorable buff.

Putting Morellonomicon on Viktor will give him Grievous Wounds and cut enemy healing. But landing a Star Guardian’s Charm for the Machine Herald is necessary to complete this team comp, getting the six-unit Star Guardian bonus and allowing your team to grant 40 mana to allies every time they spellcast.

The Mech Medley

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Mech-Pilots are once again rising to power with the help of a bunch of two-unit bonuses.

As with any Mech comp, making the uber-tanky robot even tankier is key. Put a Bramble Vest and Quicksilver on Rumble to give yourself a beefy frontline. And throwing a Ziggs in to complete your Demolitionist bonus will give your Mech-Pilot some much-needed crowd control. Players can then throw in two-unit bonuses for Battlecast, Dark Star, Infiltrator, Mystic, and Sorcerer to give your team a variety of buffs.

Viktor and Shaco are your two carries, so equipping them with optimal items is important. Shaco needs more crit, so an Infinity Edge is perfect. And to ensure your team can clip enemy healing, give Viktor a Morellonomicon. To allow the Battlecast champ to deal a lot of damage often, a Rabadon’s and Blue Sentinel is perfect.