TFT 11.11 B-patch nerfs to Sett, Kennen, and Varus are live

It's time to stop hard-forcing Sett and Hellions.

Image via Riot Games

Two of the most dominant Set Five Teamfight Tactics comps within Patch 11.11, Hellions and Draconic, are getting a nerf that may shift several other builds into S-tier status. 

A B-patch that will nerf Kennen, Sett, Varus, and Lulu is hitting the live servers today. The nerfs are minor and likely won’t kill the champs or comps but rather “improve the meta” prior to the release of Patch 11.12 on June 9, according to Riot game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Here are the 11.11 B-patch nerfs and buffs:

  • Kennen: Health decreased to 600 from 650
  • Kennen: Mana adjusted to 50/125
  • Sett: Range reduction from his Haymaker spell
  • Sett: Mana increased from 0/40 to 0/50
  • Sett: Armor shred reduced at three-star to 30
  • Varus: Attack damage reduced from 65 to 60
  • Varus: Attack speed reduced from 0.80 to 0.75
  • Lulu: Mana adjusted from 50/100 to 40/100
  • Lulu: Polymorph duration reduced from 2.5/3/3.5 to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds
  • Cavalier: Damage reduction adjusted from 15/30/40 to 20/30/35 percent

Draconic and Hellions have dominated the TFT meta over the last week, using Sett and Kennen as core carriers. The mana reduction to Kennen should give opposing teams more time to put a dent in Hellions, while the reduction in Sett’s spell range will allow units to have a chance to take out the powerful two-cost champion. 

Several comps will improve within the TFT meta following the 11.11 B-patch nerfs from today. Assassins with LeBlanc as a main carry will improve with the Kennen nerf, while Legionnaires should get stronger due to Sett and Varus being slightly weaker in power and speed.

Patch 11.12 is scheduled to go live on June 9, addressing more of the problematic areas that have appeared in 11.11. The next update will also include several major changes to TFT Set Five Reckoning Armories and the launch of the Skyglass event.