Teamfight Tactics player uses 3-star Kassadin to solo 6 enemies


Image via Riot Games

One Teamfight Tactics player showcased exactly why Kassadin’s nickname is “Kassawin.”

The TFT player used the Void Walker to one-vs-six the enemy team, posting a video of the insane play today. By using the unit’s various forms of crowd control (CC), the three-star Kassadin was able to single-handedly save the round.

Kassadin’s Force Pulse releases a wave of energy that damages and disarms all targets in front of him, not allowing them to auto attack for 3.5 seconds at max level. To compound the amount of disarms, the player threw a Sword Breaker on Kass as well. But the CC didn’t end there.

The new changes to Mana-Reavers give them a two-unit bonus that increases enemies’ mana cost for their next spell by 40 percent. This means that even if an enemy unit isn’t disarmed, it’ll take them longer to cast a spell.

And by throwing in an Ashe, Kassadin also got the Celestial bonus, which allows him to heal when dealing damage with spells and attacks. The Hextech Gunblade was a perfect pair to the Celestial buff, allowing Kass to heal for 25 percent of all damage dealt.

Due to all those factors, the player’s Kassadin stayed alive even when dropped to a sliver of health. With opponents floundering to attack or cast spells, the Void Walker had free rein on the Convergence.

While Set Three Kass might not be as overpowered as his Set One counterpart, the changes to Mana-Reaver may make him relevant again.