Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24 may bring some shine to Light units, nerfs to Singed and Phantom Dancer incoming

The update goes live next week.

Image via Riot Games

Big changes are slated to hit the Convergence in next week’s Teamfight Tactics patch.

The TFT Twitter gave fans a sneak peek at the tentative Patch 9.24 changes today, which look to buff a wide array of classes and champions. But certain overpowered units, like Singed, are going to be taken down a peg to balance out the competition. And next week’s update will also introduce the new Soulbound class, along with three champions—Senna, Lucian, and Amumu.

Fans of the Light Origin have been frustrated with its underwhelming performance, as well as how easy it is to counter it. Whenever a Light champion dies, all other Light units gain attack speed and are healed for 20 percent of their maximum health. While this looks good on paper, any comp running Morellonomicon shuts down all healing from the Light trait. Previous PBE changes suggested that the attack speed granted on death will be increased.

Aatrox and Lux buffs may help the Light Origin’s cause as well. Pairing those adjustments with the changes to Yasuo may incentivize a Light Blademaster synergy for the mid-game. And with Rangers getting some love, Vayne may have her time to shine in a six-unit Light comp.

A Singed nerf is certainly needed. The Mad Chemist runs around the board, poisoning enemy units to death. And when the Alchemist is equipped with Morellonomicon, he’s a heal-reducing machine. The Dec. 4 PBE changes on Surrender at 20 suggest that Singed’s damage at level one and two will be clipped.

Phantom Dancer, which allows units to dodge critical strikes from attacks and abilities, is too powerful in its current state—especially on a Cloud board. TFT devs will nerf the item, which should open up more diverse building options and give classes like Assassins more room to work.

And fans eager for Senna and Amumu’s TFT debut will finally be satiated, while Lucian makes his return to the autobattler.

The Patch 9.24 changes are tentative and liable to change before hitting the live servers next week.