Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.1 hotfix addresses Seraph’s, Ionic, and Nocturne bugs

The fix should go live in three to four hours.

Image via Riot Games

The recent Teamfight Tactics patch introduced loads of new content, as well as a major overhaul to the autobattler’s item system. But a few frustrating bugs seemed to have slipped through the cracks.

TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer addressed the issues on Twitter today, informing fans that a fix is coming in the next three to four hours.

The bugs range from item inconsistencies to champion glitches. Placing two Seraph’s on a unit, for example, doesn’t allow the champion to gain mana after casting their ability. One player discovered the bug during their match earlier today and posted video proof on Reddit.

Ionic Spark’s recent adjustment seems to have caused some issues as well. The item was changed to only affect units within three hexes, taking magic damage equal to 200 percent of their max mana. But double Ionic appears to be dealing more damage than intended.

And a pesky Nocturne glitch allows the unit to deal tons of damage when made into a Blademaster. In his current state, the Steel Assassin’s passive triggers every third auto attack while spinning, healing, and doling out additional Blademaster procs.

The hotfix should fix the issue, giving him a single empowered auto attack on his passive ability. Mortdog claims that if it’s “too big a nerf,” devs will “re-compensate” the unit in Patch 10.2.