Teamfight Tactics devs test out new Rapid Firecannon for Patch 10.1

The attack speed item certainly needs some love.

Image via Riot Games

A change to Rapid Firecannon may finally put it in the same rank as other Teamfight Tactics attack speed items.

TFT senior game designer James “Statikk” Bach tweeted some potential changes coming to the underwhelming attack speed item. After going through a couple of unsuccessful iterations, Rapid Firecannon is clearly on the developer’s radar.

The new iteration of Rapid Firecannon would give units 240 attack range (one Hex), while also giving 10-percent increased damage to attacks and spells for each Hex in between the user and the target.

Right now, Rapid Firecannon doubles the users attack range while giving 30 percent more attack speed. The extra attack range isn’t enough to pique players’ interest, however, as many opt for other attack speed items, like Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

While the potential Rapid Firecannon changes would certainly improve the item, some fans are asking for it to be reverted to a previous version that didn’t allow enemy units to dodge the wearer’s auto attacks. This would be especially helpful on Cloud boards, which give units increased dodge chance if they’re placed on the Elemental Hex.

But TFT developers are reluctant to bring that mechanic back to the autobattler.

“I think we’re pretty hesitant to put Dodge Piercing back into the game,” Statikk said. “Didn’t really like what it was doing in Set 1 (made Dodge and Anti-Dodge too binary and hard to balance). Maybe it might make sense on individual Champ / Abilities though.”

With Patch 9.24 scheduled for Dec. 11, any Rapid Firecannon changes may not come until 2020.