Teamfight Tactics champion pool and rolling chances

Get a better understanding of the ins and outs of TFT.

Image via Riot Games

When playing Teamfight Tactics, you’re often faced with a choice between fishing for low-cost units and leveling up.

It can be smart to use your resources on developing tier-three units before transitioning over to the late game. But deciding when to level and when to roll isn’t always easy.

Without the numbers, it’s pure guesswork. But Riot has released a chart detailing everything we need to know about champion drop rates by tier and level. 

The numbers give players an understanding of their chances of success. If you’re level six, for example, and need one more Poppy for tier three, you’d previously have to rely on luck. But now, you can easily determine if it’s best to focus on her or to level and ignore her altogether. 

This chart should give you a better understanding of the system.

One-cost (29)Two-cost (22)Three-cost (18)Four-cost (12)Five-cost (10)
Level 1100%
Level 2100%
Level 375%25%
Level 455%30%15%
Level 545%30%20%5%
Level 630%35%25%10%
Level 719%35%30%15%1%
Level 814%20%35%25%6%
Level 910%15%30%30%15%

Tier 1: 29 of each champion.

Tier 2: 22 of each champion

Tier 3: 18 of each champion.

Tier 4: 12 of each champion.

Tier 5: 10 of each champion.

These numbers have changed before and they’ll likely change again. We’ll update this article if Riot makes any additional changes.