Riot reveals TFT Set 7 Aurelion Sol buff coming in Patch 12.13

The cosmic dragon king returns to the meta with some healthy changes.

Image via Riot Games

Major changes are on the way for the legendary Teamfight Tactics Set Seven dragon Aurelion Sol in Patch 12.13, according to game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu, reducing reliance upon Mage emblems while adding a new debuff effect. 

Aurelion Sol is one of the tier-five dragon champions who is supposed to have a major impact on the TFT Set Seven battlefield during the late stages of games. Costing a total of 30 gold to two-star, players expect a champion at that price to have the capabilities to win games. Patch 12.13 will hopefully provide that for Aurelion Sol, according to a Twitter post by Riot Kent late on Friday evening. 

The changes to Aurelion Sol within TFT Patch 12.13 will “reduce his reliance on Mage Emblem by making his initial casts matter more and his ramped casts not auto-win,” says Riot Kent. The legendary dragon is also getting a new debuff effect that will have all enemies take more damage from all sources. 

Aurelion Sol’s Black Hole spell will still summon a black hole underneath enemy units, with it imploding after two seconds. When it implodes, Black Hole deals 200/300/5000 magic damage to all enemies in the area, and increases their damage taken by 25 percent for a total of eight seconds. A two-star Aurelion Sol deals 540 magic damage, instead of 300. All Black Holes generated after 20 seconds get bigger and deal 30 percent more damage. 

With the changes coming to Aurelion Sol, the balance team specifically wanted the dragon to break free from the Mage emblem, have extraordinary power that didn’t auto-win fights, have a different feel from Ao Shin, and feel like a champion pursuing when on level seven, according to Riot Kent

Players can test out the new and improved TFT Set Seven Aurelion Sol with the release of Patch 12.13 on July 13.