Riot reveals new TFT Hyper-roll stage loss details and change to HP

Risking HP for a Legendary shrooming Teemo just became a reality.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics principal game designer Ananda Gupta has unveiled changes and updates to the upcoming Hyper-roll Lab.

Launching with Set Five Reckoning, the new Hyper-roll Lab is an additional and experimental game mode being added to TFT. Responding to the community’s excitement regarding the Lab, Gupta revealed on Twitter today a new HP starting number of 20 and the stages at which damage increases.

It was previously announced by lead TFT designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer that players would start with a health of 10. That number has been officially changed to 20, though, allowing players to “flex for Teemo’s health-cost mechanic,” Gupta said. Rather than using Gold to purchase Teemo from a shop, players will have to use their own HP—in exchange for a champion that has powers equal to a Legendary five-cost. 

Players lose HP with each round loss throughout the Hyper-roll Lab. Changes to starting health have also adjusted the loss of HP per loss. Players will lose two damage starting at Stage 2-4, which increases to four damage at Stage 5-7. If players hit Stage eight, the HP damage per loss becomes six. 

Hyper-roll will stick around in TFT for “at least a Set,” according to Gupta. Based on players’ responses via an “evaluation,” the team will decide whether to replace it with something new or build upon it further. Labs will launch in TFT with Set Five Reckoning on April 28.