Riot plans to prioritize Teamfight Tactics Set 4 item flexibility

“We’ve been pretty hit or miss in this area.”

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Azir
Image via Riot Games

Upon reviewing what worked and what didn’t within Set Three Galaxies today, the Teamfight Tactics dev team announced that Set Four Fates will focus on item flexibility. 

Riot revealed that full-item carousels will no longer occur in the upcoming TFT Set Four today, allowing for more strategic freedom throughout a match. It was also announced by the dev team that item flexibility is a priority, preventing players from feeling like they’re “locked into a particular build.” 

The purpose of crafting items was meant to create a variety of interactions. But two items in TFT Set Three ended up becoming “too closely tied to specific champions,” according to the dev team. Items like Blue Buff became synonymous with champions like Cassiopeia and Syndra, while Spear of Shojin was used primarily only on Ashe or Janna. 

There were also comp-specific items, such as Warmog’s, often crafted on Protectors. Morellos and Red Buff were also typically comp specific, tied to Blasters and Battlecast. These items restricted players, whereas Hand of Justice or Statikk Shiv were playable with a number of different champions and traits. 

Items were never meant to lock players into a single build. Within Set Four, players won’t need “certain items to make builds function,” according to the TFT team. And an increase in the number of Spatulas within carousels should also help with item flexibility. 

No specific details regarding TFT Set Four items were revealed today, but players can test them out this weekend with the launch of Fates on the PBE. TFT’s fourth set is scheduled to start on Sept. 16.