Riot nerfs Chosen roll odds, traits, and champions in second Patch 11.5 rundown

More buffs and nerfs are getting added to Patch 11.5.

Image via Riot Games

A number of last-minute changes were added to Patch 11.5 today by Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and live balance team member Riot Kent. 

Around the globe, competitive TFT kicks into high gear this weekend with the Fates Regional Finals. In an effort to buff some comps that competitors aren’t playing and nerf the outliers seen this past weekend at the Qualifier Four tournament, the balance team worked in a number of last-minute changes to Patch 11.5 through a second patch rundown. 

“We decided to add quite a few more changes, although they are relatively small,” Riot Kent said. “We wanted to bring even more diversity to some comps that are underperforming and tone down some units that were overperforming.”

Due to a large number of players hitting four-cost Chosen champions at level seven, the Chosen odds were reverted from 0/40/55/5/0 to 0/40/58/2/0. The TFT balance team also added two new trait adjustments that weren’t in Patch 11.5 before. Keeper’s Shield Value was reduced to 150/200/250 and Vanguard Armor was reduced to 100/250/500/800, along with a Magic Resist nerf at every level to 10/25/50/80.

Underperforming one-cost champions were buffed slightly, following major nerfs applied to control the re-roll meta. Diana’s shield was buffed across the board to 200/300/450, while Nidalee’s mana was reduced back down to 0/60. Three-star Nasus had his Spell Damage increased by 100 and Yasuo’s Spell AD was buffed across the board to 190/200/210 percent. 

Akali had her Spell Damage buffed from 175/250/400 to 200/275/450 at three-cost and Sivir had her Spell AD nerfed at three-star by 50. In conjunction with Vanguard nerfs, Sejuani’s stun was nerfed at one and two-star but buffed at three-star to 2/2.5/8. And all burn changes—Swain, Morello, and Sunfire Cape—were reverted.

Patch 11.5 will still go live on March 3. Updated TFT patch notes are expected to drop today.