Riot Mortdog details extensive PBE patch notes for TFT Fates targeting XP, Assassins, and several champs

These changes will be deployed later today.

Image via Riot Games

It’s an exciting time for Teamfight Tactics fans who get to test out Set Four Fates on the PBE. And Riot is continuing to make balance changes with a big patch today.

Principal game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer discussed a lengthy PBE patch that will go live in the afternoon. Assassins are getting some love to their crit chance and damage, potentially elbowing their way into the meta. Leveling up in the mid to late stages of the game will now require more XP. And several pesky units, like Ahri, are getting taken down a peg.

Levels five to nine will require more XP in the upcoming patch, slowing down player progression a bit. This will likely affect timing on rolls and when players can get more powerful units, potentially creating longer matches.

And the Assassin trait appeared to have been underperforming. So Riot will slightly buff crit chance but drastically increase crit damage. Assassins have caused problems in previous sets and are sometimes difficult to counter. TFT devs will likely keep an eye on the trait so that they don’t begin deleting entire backlines without counterplay.

Ninjas also got a slight buff, while Dazzlers took a hit to their AD reduction and Mages lost some spell AP.

Many champions received changes, too. One of the better-performing units, Ahri, is having her spell damage greatly reduced to 500/800/4,000 from 700/1,000/5,000. A two-star Ahri will be significantly less powerful, especially with the slight Mage nerfs.

TFT Fates should hit the live servers in mid-September.