Riot aims to fix Teamfight Tactics HP visual bug ahead of Red Bull Invitational

Players haven't been able to see how much HP is left on their units.

Image via Riot Games

Leading up to the opening day of the Teamfight Tactics‘ Red Bull Invitational, Riot Games has revealed that it’ll be launching more balance changes to the game’s second set. The developer plans to fix a bothersome glitch that’s been plaguing PBE testers since the set dropped on the server.

When the various new champions and traits hit the PBE servers, players realized that in many instances, the health bars of both allied and enemy units weren’t going down when they took damage. As a result, it was tough to see if a player was winning a fight until they’d end up losing or winning the round.

This was one of many annoying bugs that testers encountered while playing the new set, but it’s a good thing that these problems were found now instead of on live servers. Another bug, for example, makes some units invisible for both players—they can still do damage to opposing champions, though.

Riot should fix this glitch in time for the TFT Red Bull Invitational, which is happening on Wednesday, Oct. 30 and Thursday, Oct. 31. If these bugs aren’t addressed, they could completely ruin the viewer experience for this event.

Aside from these bugs, TFT Set Two has been received relatively well by the League community. Many people think that the new champions and synergies have brought plenty of variety and excitement to TFT once again, which should allow players to experiment with different compositions.