Riot adjusts TFT player damage to deter heavy loss streaking

Player damage is getting balanced.

Image via Riot Games

In Teamfight Tactics’ final balance patch before the Rise of the Elements begins, Riot Games has finally addressed the player damage issue that many players have been complaining about over the last few patches.

Riot said that in this next patch, it will be “pulling level-up damage from the champions and putting it into their base damage to counteract these trends.” Now, higher gold cost units will deal less player damage as two-star and three-star units, while base player damage has been boosted tremendously from 1/2/2/3/4/5 to 3/3/3/4/5/6 damage per level.

This past month, people have realized that TFT’s current meta isn’t healthy for the game. Popular streamer William “scarra” Li, for example, made a great point about player damage. People can tank so much in the early game that they can simply collect enough gold to roll the ideal compositions every time.

The whole point of a game like TFT is to get creative with the hand that you’ve been given. But there isn’t any innovation with builds since people can force perfect comps in each of their games with enough gold.

These changes should help reduce the instances of sandbagging for better picks at carousels and loss streaking for gold since it’ll hit players’ overall health a lot harder than before.