Riot adds second Teamfight Tactics ranked reward for players who place Gold or higher in both Galaxies stages

Those who only get Gold in one ranked stage will still receive a Victorious Little Legend.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is adding a second Victorious Little Legend ranked reward for Teamfight Tactics players who managed to get Gold or higher in both ranked stages, the company announced today. 

The developers noticed a problem with the Galaxies rewards system, which would only dole out the gift for players who hit Gold in both ranked stages. This means players who didn’t hit Gold in the first split had no incentive to play ranked in the second stage. So Riot is making some changes. 

“While we want to reward consistent performance throughout a set, there should always be something cool to look forward to at the end of a Ranked stage,” according to the blog post. “So, there will now be two variants of the same Victorious Little Legend for Galaxies: one for achieving Gold or higher in a single stage and one for achieving Gold or higher in BOTH stages.”

TFT players who had no reason to hit the ranked ladder in the second stage, aside from bragging rights, now can earn their Victorious Little Legend. And those who managed to hit Gold or higher in both ranked stages will receive a little extra.

The Victorious Little Legends will be handed out a patch or two after the Galaxies set ends.