Lux is headed to Teamfight Tactics as the game’s first 7-cost unit

"Into battle with hearts aglow."

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans, get ready to do battle with League of Legends‘ Lady of Luminosity, Lux. She’s the latest champion that’s set to join the game mode’s ever-growing roster of champions.

Rise of the Elements is a fitting name for this upcoming preseason. Lux is going to be using her Elementalist skin in TFT and she’s going to be the first seven-cost unit in the game. She’s also going to be a Crystal-Avatar unit, which are both newcomers in terms of class and origin.

One big mechanic Lux will bring is that she can swap between 10 different elements, with each one giving her a different buff. Elements actually have a huge effect on the board and on units in general this preseason, especially with the new Elemental Hexes that William “scarra” Li revealed yesterday.

Lux’s powerful spell will be Final Spark, which is her ultimate ability on Summoner’s Rift. Final Spark shoots a beam that will deal 600, 900, and 1,200 magic damage to all enemies in a line, based on what star level the unit is. Killing a target unit with Final Spark will also grant back 50 mana.

Many more changes and champions are heading to TFT and some big announcements are expected to drop later today.