Here’s everything we know about Elemental Hexes in Teamfight Tactics Set 2

Changes go live in early November.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics fans are excited about the new cast of champions, classes, and origins debuting in Set Two: Rise of the Elements. And now a new mechanic looks to create a thrilling approach to unit placement.

Riot Games gave Twitch streamer William “scarra” Li the opportunity to introduce a new TFT mechanic yesterday, called Elemental Hexes. The feature looks to diversify unit positioning, as well as encourage more strategic item selection.

Here’s everything we know about Elemental Hexes.

What are Elemental Hexes?

The new mechanic will shift how players position their champions, as Elemental Hexes will provide special bonuses to units placed on top of them. Four elements will be represented, with each one providing its own unique buff.

“So every game, there will be Elemental Hexes on the board,” scarra said. “They’ll be positioned randomly throughout the board and you can put your units on them to gain buffs.”

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Elemental Hexes appear on every player’s board, at the same exact hex. Players will know which element will spawn based on the color of the ground in the first carousel. Only one element will spawn per game, so players can build a team comp based on which hex they’re given. While the game begins with only one hex being buffed, two Elemental Hexes will appear after round three.

And in order for a unit to benefit from the Elemental Hex’s buff, they will need to have at least one item slot available.

What do the different Elemental Hexes do?

Ocean Elemental Hex

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The Ocean Elemental Hex provides units with an additional 30 starting mana. Units with powerful abilities, like Lux or Veigar, would benefit from the increase in resources since they’ll be able to cast quicker.

Inferno Elemental Hex

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The Inferno Elemental Hex gives units a 30 percent increase in attack speed. Auto attack units, like Kog’Maw, Twitch, or Olaf, prioritize attack speed and can capitalize on the Inferno Hex buff.

Wind Elemental Hex

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The Wind Elemental Hex buffs champions with 30 percent extra dodge chance. With Yordles removed from the game, there are far fewer units with the ability to dodge. And Wild is no longer an origin in Set Two, which allowed units to never miss an auto attack. This increases the value of dodge chance and can help vulnerable champions last longer.

Mountain Elemental Hex

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Mountain Elemental Hex beefs up champions by adding 30 permanent health points per round for the rest of the game. Adding this buff to tanks, like Maokai or Dr. Mundo, will help them transition even better to the late game.

Teamfight Tactics Set Two: Rise of the Elements will be released to live servers in early November.