Here’s everything coming to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 10.1

New content will make a great start to the new year.

Image via Riot Games

With all the new content hitting the Convergence in Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.1, 2020 will definitely keep players on their toes.

The next update introduces two new units, Karma and Leona, as well as their Lunar Origin, which focuses on buffing allies. Several items are being removed from the autobattler and replaced with more balanced options. And don’t forget about the fresh set of Little Legends looking to keep you company as you climb the TFT ranked ladder.

Here are all the changes slated to release in TFT Patch 10.1.

New Lunar Origin, Karma, and Leona

Image via Riot Games

Fans might still be recovering from the debut of Senna, Lucian, and Amumu, along with the Soulbound class, to Set two. But more content is on the horizon for 2020.

Patch 10.1 is introducing the new Lunar set, which gives 20 percent critical strike chance, 20 percent critical strike damage, and 10 percent spell damage (stacking up to four times). The bonus originally gave 20 percent spell damage, but recent PBE changes suggest it was too overpowered.

Karma and Leona will join in on the fun as Lunar units, which focus on prolonging fights long enough to buff allied units. Karma’s Inspire ability shields an ally for five seconds while also giving a percent bonus of attack speed. And Leona reduces all incoming damage by a specific amount for five seconds. The longer your team stays up, the more damage they’ll deal to enemies—simple, but effective.

Item overhaul

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Several items are getting removed or reworked to better fit the Rise of the Elements meta. Repeating Crossbow, Thornmail, and Phantom Dancer are either underwhelming or overpowered. So TFT devs decided to remove them from the game and replace them with more balanced alternatives.

Last Whisper will reduce a target’s armor when inflicting a critical hit, helping the team take out pesky tanks. Bramble Vest negates bonus damage from critical hits, emitting a “hail of thorns” in retaliation. This is a better option than Thornmail, which was only viable on Braum and lackluster on every other unit. And Titan’s Resolve enters the mix, giving a one percent damage bonus that stacks up to 80 times, every time the wearer takes damage or inflicts a critical hit. When the user hits 80 stacks, they’ll also gain 25 armor and magic resistance while increasing in size.

The overpowered Iceborn Gauntlet is getting reworked to freezing a target for 1.5 seconds after casting a spell. Quicksilver will now make the wearer immune to crowd control effects, while Frozen Heart will be stackable to increase the radius of the attack speed reduction. And Ionic Spark will be much more interactive. Instead of dealing damage whenever an enemy uses an ability, the item will deal damage to targets within three hexes of the wearer.

And devs are introducing a new concept of items that scale with the wearer’s level. This will help Locket of the Iron Solari, Statikk Shiv, and Luden’s Echo transition better into the late game.

New Little Legends: Tocker, Craggle, and Flutterbug

Image via Riot Games

Three new buddies are joining the cast of Little Legends with Patch 10.1. Tocker, a cute, robotic bird, seems more interested in books than in worms. Craggle, a Galio look-alike, appears to be the superhero the Convergence needs. And Flutterbug transforms from a timid insect into a flying force to be reckoned with.

Though the Patch 10.1 changes certainly seem exciting, they’re being tested on the PBE right now and are liable to change. There doesn’t appear to be a set date for Patch 10.1, but it’ll likely release early next month.