Giant Slayer reveals TFT tournament sponsored by Mortdog and Scarra

Madness ensues in an upcoming TFT tournament.

Giant Slayer TV plans to host a Teamfight Tactics tournament called Mortdog’s Top Four Madness, the organizer announced today. The event will be sponsored by lead game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and streamer William “Scarra” Li.

Set to take place from July 31 to Aug. 2, the TFT tournament will feature 128 selected competitors to compete for a $7,000 prize pool.

The tournament, formatted by Mortdog, will take place over the course of three days on the North American TFT server. All players from other regions are welcome, though. Mortdog and Doa will be the casters, with all the action beginning at 4pm CT via Giant Slayer TV on Twitch.

The first day will feature a total of seven games. Day two will contain five games, while day three will showcase the top eight players. 

  • Day one: Seven games with a 128-128-128 Points Reset and a 64-64-64-64  Points reset.
  • Day two: Five games with a 32 32 32 32 32 Points Reset.
  • Day three: Finals featuring the top eight players. The first competitor to 50 points or 30 points plus first wins.

Competitors who place in the top four earn points. The rest of the lobby either receives zero points for fifth to seventh or gets deducted one point for eighth. 

  • First: 11
  • Second to fourth: 10
  • Fifth to seventh: 0
  • Eighth: -1

Tiebreakers are determined by the most first-place wins and whoever placed higher in the last round. Each competitor who makes it to the top eight will earn a piece of the prize pool. 

  • First: $2,500
  • Second: $1,500
  • Third: $1,000
  • Fourth: $750
  • Fifth: $450
  • Sixth: $350
  • Seventh: $250
  • Eighth: $200

Players interested in competing in Mortdog’s Top Four Madness TFT event can sign up by July 15, no later than July 15 at 4pm CT. Those wishing to compete must also join the Giant Slayer TV Discord channel no later than July 12 at 10:59pm CT. 

Update July 16 4pm CT: The 128 players to compete in Mortdog’s Top Four TFT Madness tournament have been chosen.