Best Teamfight Tactics meta comps to rank up with before 4.5 mid-set update

Gain LP prior to the mid-set ranked reset.

Teamfight Tactics Nunu
Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Set Four Fates will enter its mid-set portion on Jan. 21 with Patch 11.2 and the Festival of Beasts. Players seeking to climb the ladder prior to the ranked reset have just over four weeks to accomplish their goals.

Following the 10.25 update, several viable comps and strategies have emerged within the TFT meta. Most of these builds should be familiar to Set Four players and are flexible depending on what opponents are playing. 

Here are the best TFT comps to play right now before the 4.5 mid-set update.


The Legendaries comp remains one of the most popular and strongest TFT builds within the Set Four meta. Playing Legendaries requires leveling to nine with gold to spare to roll down for a Chosen five-cost—along with a stacked board containing units like Zilean, Yone, Riven, Lillia, Shen, and Sett. Despite nerfs to Kayn, Wrainbash still has him listed as a primary carry in his 10.25 TFT meta comp sheet on Reddit. Yone is another viable carry, especially with Blue Buff, and a Sett Chosen can easily clean up an opponent’s team. 

The best way to play Legendaries is to play the strongest board and remaining flexible while maintaining HP and econ. Going fast nine is a viable option but not necessary. Any major drops in HP, however, typically mean a transition out of Legendaries and into another type of TFT build.  The best champions to build around during the early and mid game include Vayne, Yasuo, Katarina, Jhin, and Ashe, according to GrandVice8’s meta report


Dusk has solidified itself as the most consistent S+ tier TFT comp over the last couple of Set Four patches. But it’s getting removed with the 4.5 mid-set update on Jan. 21, so players can only gain LP with Dusk for another few weeks. Riven remains the primary carry, equipped with tank items like Bramble Vest, Dragon’s Claw, and Blue Buff. And Jhin is an ideal secondary carry, especially if playing Sharpshooters during the early and mid game stages. 

Four Dusk is a bit too weak to run once players start hitting level eight on Stage four. Lillia is always a strong addition to add during the late game and a Dusk Chosen is recommended to capitalize on trait synergies like Mystic, Sharpshooter, and Vanguard. 


Buffed with TFT Patch 10.25, Elderwood builds have risen to S-tier status. Veigar is typically the primary carry, but Ashe and Hunter trait synergies still work well too. The key to pulling off a successful Elderwood build is a strong frontline with units like Maokai, Nunu, and even Warwick. Azir is a nice late-game addition, stunning and slowing down an opponent’s attackers while Ashe or Veigar pick them off one by one. 

Ideal Veigar items within an Elderwood build include Blue Buff, Quicksilver Slash, and Gunblade. Ashe’s items are still Quicksilver Slash, Giant Slayer, and Bloodthirster. Nunu is a strong secondary carry, using items like Sunfire Cape during the mid game and Warmog’s Armor. Other Nunu items that work are Gunblade, Ionic Spark, and Dragon’s Claw. 


Running a Mage build requires a Chosen Mage champion, preferably Annie. Mage builds are strong but lack a sufficient frontline for defense. Six Mages was buffed in Patch 10.25 and can typically place in the top-four with a Chosen Mage. The build is flexible, using either Veigar or Ahri as a primary mage carry, while Annie is the true primary carry. Adding Lillia during the late game is also a must. 

Ideal items for Annie include Zz-Rot Portal, Sunfire Cape, and Ionic Spark. Six Mage can throw out a ton of damage quickly but the build is squishy unless champions like Veigar, Annie, and Lulu are three-stars. A Mage spatula on Zilean is also ideal when seeking to place first or second in a lobby. 

The final patch of TFT Set Four Fates will take place on Jan. 6 with Patch 1.11. Scheduled to launch on Jan. 21, the Festival of Beasts Set 4.5 will introduce a number of new and previous TFT champions along with several traits.