Best team comps for Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24b

One fan put together a list based on the top Challenger players.

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For Teamfight Tactics players looking to move up the ranked ladder just in time for the new year, one fan can help.

A TFT fan compiled the best team compositions used by Challenger players in Patch 9.24b and posted their findings to Reddit today. The spreadsheet provides crucial information on team synergies, positioning, and itemization.

Here are the top-three team comps for Patch 9.24b.

Inferno, Ocean, Mage

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Ocean Mages have once again made their way into top-tier team compositions. But this time, Inferno champs join in on the fun. Patch 9.24 was certainly friendly to the Inferno trait, allowing the effect to now trigger from spell damage and critical strikes. And the burn damage is dealt in a shorter amount of time (four seconds).

Twitch streamer Sologesang suggests building a frontline with Nautilus and Malphite, as well as the new Inferno Warden, Amumu. The four-unit Warden bonus will make them extremely tanky and virtually unkillable.

With the additional mana regeneration from Ocean champs, Brand will be the carry equipped with a Spear of Shojin and Rabadon’s Deathcap. Players can also opt for a Morellonomicon on the Burning Vengeance to cut enemy healing, especially if he double casts his ability using the Mage trait. Nami is also a viable Morellonomicon user, especially when equipped with an Inferno Cinder to turn her into a hex blazing beast as well.

Ranger Wardens

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The recent Ranger buff gave units a far better chance to activate the attack speed bonus. A viable team composition now revolves around itemizing Rangers, placing them in the back and letting them fire.

TFT streamer JinxedJK recommends making Ashe the carry, equipping her with Giant Slayer, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Statikk Shiv. To ensure the Frost Archer sticks around for a while, use Taric to claim the Crystal bonus to give the Ranger some tankiness. Pair Ashe with Rangers like Kindred, Ezreal, and Varus who can also deal a good amount of damage from the backline.

Even though Thornmail is getting removed in Patch 10.1, players can still abuse it by placing it on Braum and making him a beefy frontliner. Add in Amumu and Malphite, and the Rangers will have some solid meat shields to protect them.

Blademaster Assassin

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Even with Patch 9.24b toning down Assassins, and specifically targeting Nocturne, the bonus can still carry you to first place.

Former League of Legends pro Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco advises filling up the back row with Blademasters and Assassins. Rek’Sai will be the sole “frontliner,” but her main use is to give Nocturne the Steel buff. With Nocturne getting two seconds of immunity when falling under 50 percent health, he can deal tons of damage to the enemy’s backline. Equip the Eternal Nightmare with two Infinity Edge’s and a Blade of the Ruined King to turn him into a Blademaster.

Throw in Master Yi, Yasuo, and Sivir, who will be your second carry option, to complete the four-unit Blademaster bonus. Sivir can be given Runaan’s, Red Buff, and Hush to prevent enemies from using abilities.