All the changes headed to Teamfight Tactics with the Galaxies update

Welcome to the League of Legends multiverse.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has some of the most detailed lore of any video game out there today, with multiple worlds and stories to discover. Now, these worlds are headed to Teamfight Tactics with Riot Games introducing the new Galaxies update.

When the Rise of the Elements set arrived during the 2019 offseason, it brought a completely new mechanic to TFT—Elemental Hexes. After letting this new addition sink into the player base, however, Riot said that clarity issues and the hexes’ overall power were problems that prevented the mechanic from taking off.

As a result, Elemental Hexes are being removed for Set Three. In their place, Riot is putting in a new set-wide mechanic that should help make every game feel different and fun. Some games will take you to a different galaxy where the board rules are different.

If a match is sent to the Neekoverse Galaxy, for example, everyone will start the game off with two Neeko’s Help items. Another possible galaxy that players can visit is the “four-cost carousel” galaxy, where the first carousel will only have four-cost units available.

Players won’t know which galaxy they’re in until the start of the game, and as the season rages on, more unique galaxies will be slowly added to TFT as a whole. At launch, there might be only a few galaxies available for play, which means that you’re more likely to play a regular match. At the end of this set, however, there might be as many as 10 different galaxies that you could play in.

Riot also confirmed that new champions, skins, traits, Little Legends, and boards will be joining the popular game mode. Those details haven’t been revealed just yet, however. Riot will be showing off some of the new traits next week, though.

The League universe is vast and there are so many places that Riot can choose to bring to life in TFT.