YouTube and Twitch star El Rubius set to appear in Uncharted movie

The significance of the role isn't yet clear.

Screengrab via elrubiusOMG

The days of streamers appearing in major films or television appearances are only getting more common, and the latest of these comes with the newly revealed Uncharted movie.

Taking to Twitter today, Spanish streamer and YouTuber El Rubius that he will be appearing in the film alongside star Tom Holland for an “NPC role.” The content creator who has a Twitch following of 10 million and 40 million YouTube subscribers shared images from the set of the film. 

What is meant by NPC role is likely just a small cameo in the film, but it isn’t clear exactly how much or how little screentime Rubius’s role will be.

Yesterday, Sony Pictures released the first trailer for the highly anticipated film based on the hugely successful PlayStation series Uncharted. This trailer received a lot of praise from fans of the franchise and seems to be shaping up to be a positive addition to the Uncharted franchise.

Rubius isn’t the first Twitch star to star in a role in a major film. The recently released Disney film Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds saw cameos from two of the platform’s most popular personalities, Ninja and Pokimane. Not only were there these two major streaming cameos but there were plenty more personalities and references to gaming packed into the film.

Right now, it isn’t clear what the extent of Rubius’s role in Uncharted will be or if his character will be named with speaking lines, but we’ll get all the answers when the movie hits theaters on Feb. 18, 2022.