XQc’s yoga session hilariously interrupted before Overwatch match

The streamer's quest for inner-peace was quickly squashed.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

XQc attempted to find inner-peace while queuing for an Overwatch match yesterday, but his meditation session was disrupted after a teammate made his presence known on voice chat.

XQc was on a hot streak in Overwatch and immediately searched for a new map after a victory. While waiting for a new game, the streamer decided to pull up a yoga tutorial on YouTube and follow along. Overwatch is a very competitive game that can easily tilt players. Even finding a match in Overwatch is a stressful process, so it makes sense the streamer wanted to destress between matches.

The Zen didn’t last long for xQc, however. He joined a new match earlier than expected and was greeted by his new teammate.

“What’s up motherfuckers?” a player on the xQc’s team said. xQc immediately rushed back to his PC to select his hero and explained to his teammate that he did not appreciate the interruption.

“Motherfucker are you kidding dude?” xQc said. “Do you know how rude that was? I was in the middle of a paid meditation session with Jessica.”

The teammate nonchalantly responded and did not seem to realize he ruined xQc’s relaxation time.

xQc is a former Overwatch pro with a history of being put in stressful situations. In a recent Escape from Tarkov stream Summit1g exploded on xQc for not helping in a firefight, which xQc claimed was not the case.