XQc’s PC building stream ends when RTX 3090 GPU doesn’t fit

The build had to be put on hold.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

During the seemingly constant power outages in Texas, many of the streamers based there have come up with unique content ideas to fill time.

One of these streamers is xQc, who chose to build his new PC while waiting for the power to go back out and end his stream. Aside from a few small problems, the build appeared to be going as planned. That was until it was time to insert the graphics card, though.

One of the key components of the build, the GEFORCE RTX 3090, a top-of-the-range card, is also one of the bigger options in size. Unfortunately, the streamer quickly noticed that with his three-fan water cooling system in the case, the 3090 just was not going to fit.

Even after removing the cooling fans, xQc encountered more problems as the GPU did not line up with the slots on the case. After attempting multiple strategies of changing the slot, pushing the GPU towards the case, and pushing in the case towards the GPU, nothing would line the screws up and xQc determined the case was the issue.

He plans to purchase a new case and decided to end the stream for now with plans to go live again later tomorrow morning.