XQc shares take on streamers begging for subscribers

The streamer was strongly against the practice.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

During a recent stream, popular Twitch streamer xQc shared his thoughts on fellow streamers begging their chat for subscribers.

After a member of his chat brought the topic up on his stream, xQc proceeded to rant on the issue, explaining his thoughts.

“Listen, guys, I’ve been on Justin TV, I’ve been on Owned TV as a watcher and I’ve seen it all OK,” xQc said. “I’ve seen people almost blame their audience or their viewers for quitting their job to go full time or say guys I’ve quit full time, and well money’s not getting in so you guys are going to have to subscribe. No, fuck off bitch. The fuck is your problem? Don’t do that dude. Who thinks like that?”

A member of xQc’s chat responded to this, saying that it was easy for him to say that being in his position as one of the platform’s most popular streamers. But xQc answered by sharing the situation he was in when his stream grew to be so large.

“I was streaming at 150 viewers a long time ago, I was one of the biggest League French streamers. Nobody donated I was making two bucks a week, OK, and I had the same exact take,” xQc said. “It doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t guilt the viewers for something that you did, a choice that you did, a career path you took, that’s so weird.”

XQc began streaming on Twitch in 2014 and has continued amassing a community on his channel over the years. He also had a run of playing competitive Overwatch that saw his YouTube and Twitch channels grow before he made the move away from competitive play to streaming full time in 2019.