XQc says Riot has bred the most “piece of s**t” community on Earth

XQc wasn't too happy with Riot.

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Twitch streamer xQc criticized the developers of League of Legends for twisting the nature of toxicity to form their own narrative earlier today.

While playing Riot Games’ lead title, xQc said that this spin on toxicity has bred “the most piece of shit community on Earth.” He pinned this on Riot’s Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin, a former lead designer who made several controversial decisions regarding League in the past, as the main culprit. 

XQc said that since Riot has twisted this narrative, it had a knock-on effect on the player base.

“They labeled everything as ‘toxic’ and literally deformed the word into deluding their player base into thinking anything is toxic,” xQc said. “So when someone in chat says ‘outplayed rolled’ and you think that is toxic, that’s not how that works, that is not how that works, by definition, it is wrong.”

This rant was triggered once xQc fell in a teamfight during a ranked match in League. After failing to help his teammate, the enemy Mordekaiser said “outplayed” in the chat. The streamer then replied with his own comments in typical xQc fashion. 

After the fight was over, the enemy said it was “truly an honor” to eliminate xQc. But this rant didn’t change much during the game. XQc lost the match after the enemy team successfully entered the bot side, taking down the turrets and Nexus.