XQc responds to criticism regarding misuse of VTuber tag

XQc kicks the hornet's nest, again.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has recently come under fire for consistently labeling his stream with the VTuber tag. But during a recent stream, he explained why the community is overexaggerating the issue.

VTubers are a group of content creators who use virtually generated avatars while streaming to their audiences. A group of several VTubers called out streamers such as Amouranth, Mizkif, and xQc for “abusing” the VTuber tag. Despite not acquiring or using a VTuber avatar while using the tag, xQc defended his position.

“Stop the hypocrisy. People have been misusing sections and tags on Twitch since the beginning of time,” xQc said. “The reality is, nobody should give a fuck. If you are mad, you are the only person who cares and is mad.”

XQc clearly was not interested in accepting criticisms regarding his choice to use the VTuber tag, citing Twitch’s notoriously relaxed enforcement of tags and categories.

The French-Canadian streamer went on to explain that he does believe himself to be a VTuber. “I am VTuber, what about it? Stop gatekeeping,” xQc said. “This is a message to VTubers, what gives you the right to say I’m not a VTuber?” While many may doubt the sincerity of xQc’s claims, the popular Twitch streamer stuck to his guns.

Since making this response, xQc has only continued to label his stream with the VTuber tag and likely has no intention of stopping anytime soon. While his decision has been criticized further, especially in light of his latest statement, the streamer is staunch on his position.