XQc records sub-34 minute Minecraft speedrun, smashes Forsen’s best time

XQc broke Forsen's 47-minute record, clearing the game with over 10 minutes to spare.

Screengrab via xQc

The Minecraft speedrun rivalry between two popular Twitch streamers xQc and Forsen continued tonight with the former Overwatch League pro recording his best time yet of under 34 minutes.

In his most recent attempt, xQc had by far his cleanest run yet, engaging with the Ender Dragon at just 33 minutes and making short work of the boss to record a clear time of 33 minutes and 49 seconds. This time greatly surpassed Forsen’s record of 47 minutes that xQc had been attempting to beat over the last few days. Once he completed his run, xQc issued a challenge to Forsen to beat his new time.

For xQc, the day has been a mix of highs and lows on Minecraft. He was mere pixels away from defeating Forsen’s record in his previous run before being knocked into the air and killed by the Ender Dragon. Regardless, this time would have only barely passed Forsen’s time. But his next run saw him clear the game over 10 minutes faster than Forsen.

Forsen is yet to respond to xQc’s callout, but the streamer will likely attempt to beat this record just as he’s done since the pair began their rivalry recording under one-hour times. While this rivalry has pushed both streamers to improve their clear times, shaving over 20 minutes off in just one week, xQc remains far from the world record time of nine minutes and 52 seconds.

With the massive time difference xQc has created in his latest run, it’s unclear whether either streamer can improve upon it.