XQc panics after Moxy gets startled by spider on stream

Moxy had a close call.

Screengrab via xQcOW on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer xQc was caught off guard recently on stream when his longtime gaming duo, Moxy, was suddenly ambushed by a spider.

XQc and Moxy have become one of the most iconic duos on Twitch. First gaining fame by playing Overwatch together shortly after xQc’s stint in the Overwatch League, Moxy and xQc have remained a consistent source of stream content throughout the years. On an April 19 stream, the pair took their gaming prowess to League of Legends, where something quite unexpected happened.

Well into their League session, xQc was about to flame his bottom lane duo for failing to engage when a burst of exclamations from Moxy interrupted him. Going silent after his sudden yelling, xQc quickly became worried for the safety of his friend. A victim of swatting himself, it’s possible that the popular Twitch streamer immediately assumed something bad happened to Moxy.

As both chat and xQc waited to hear what happened to Moxy with bated breath, the streamer was heard eventually returning to his chair. Without any visuals of what could have caused his friend to spiral into a panic, xQc immediately asked what happened. “Holy shit dude, oh my god, dude,” Moxy said as he caught his breath. “There was a spider or some shit.”

The French-Canadian streamer was clearly unamused as Moxy recounted feeling the spider’s cobweb, referring to his friend by a number of expletives as he reiterated his genuine worry for his safety. Though Moxy may have only had a close brush with a regular house spider, xQc was almost instantly set into an immediate fright.