XQc can’t stream on YouTube following a request from the platform

YouTube apparently didn't ban xQc, but it did send him a letter.

XQC Fortnite
Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s massive popularity as a streamer doesn’t appear to extend to the people who run streaming platforms. A few days after he revealed Twitch considers him a “brand risk” due to his explosive behavior, xQc has now said YouTube asked him to never livestream on the platform.

XQc revealed this when talking to other players in the Minecraft Monday tournament yesterday. Many of them are famous on YouTube and either stream or publish gameplay videos there.

“YouTube has specifically asked me… I got a letter in the mail, made out of paper, which said ‘do not stream on YouTube,’” xQc said. He got distracted by one of his Google Home devices right away and stopped talking about it, so viewers didn’t understand if he only got a request from Google or if the livestreaming option is disabled for his channel.

XQc’s YouTube channel has collections of clips of his livestream, and he publishes several videos every day for his 420,000 subscribers.

After Minecraft Monday, xQc also talked to two other YouTubers who were playing in the tournament about publishing videos on the platform. He said he was publishing about four to five videos every day until he received a notification saying his uploads would stop being recommended to viewers due to his high daily output. The YouTubers said that’s normal, and the platform limits any creator’s reach if they publish more than three videos a day.

The reason why xQc can’t stream on YouTube is still unclear. His Twitch audience is huge, and he was the third most-watched individual streamer in August according to statistics website SullyGnome. For now, that YouTube warning should not be a problem for his work.