xQc and m0xyy go back-to-back and win Minecraft Monday Week 13

Another team joins the two-time club in Minecraft Monday.

Image via UMG

Félix “xQc” Lengyel and “m0xyy” were able to repeat as Minecraft Monday champions by utterly crushing the competition in this week’s tournament.

This was another week full of new and dangerous pairs, like Technoblade and Wilbursoots, as well as the debut of Capture the Flag. But from the opening round, the returning champs broke away from the competition, racking up an insane amount of eliminations.

That domination carried over into what is arguably the pair’s best event, One Shot, where xQc destroyed the competition. This was the event that sealed their victory last week, and it gave them nearly a 200-point lead over second place very early on in Week 13. 

Techno fought back in Spleef, managing to take two rounds, including a massive betrayal on ZerkaaHD after the two seemingly agreed to a truce midway through the game. As soon as his “ally” looked away, Techno struck. 

There was never a moment that it truly felt a team could take over the top spot, but that wasn’t the biggest storyline going into the final round of the Hunger Games. 

MrBeast was teasing a bounty being added to the event at some point, which ended up being a $15,000 bounty being placed on Techno in the last game. Whoever could kill the Blood God would get a stack of cash, but if Techno won, he would take home the money. 

Not many people chased the PvP expert early on, but eventually, he was cornered by the Merome duo of JeromeASF and Bajan Canadian. Bajan secured the kill, earning a big payday despite the fact it also secured xQc and m0xxy the top spot. 

Here are the final scores and placements for Week 13: 

FirstxQc | m0xyy 1,530
SecondNinja | Nestor 1,307
ThirdTechnoblade | Wilbursoots1,292
FourthCaptainSparklez | Vikkstar 1,255
FifthJeromeASF | Bajan Canadian1,163
SixthPapaplatte | BastiGHG1,089
SeventhWisp | Courage1,043
EighthJames Charles | Traves 1,005
NinthValkyrae | Grapeapplesauce 993
10thSymfuhny | Brooke904
11thZerkaaHD | Behzinga814
12thCallMeCarson | RaccoonEgg800
13thDolanDark | Grannday 792
14thFitz | Pokimane 702
15thChandlerHallow | ChrisO2_0 – DQ

Yet another week passed with one team dropping out after the first round, this time it was ChandlerHallow and ChrisO2_, who vanished and were disqualified. 

If this domination from xQc and m0xxy continue, there might need to be a bounty put on their heads or else they could become the first team to win three weeks straight.