WoW guild Echo adds Blue and Logitech as sponsors

The new guild just got its first sponsors.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s newest world-first caliber raiding guild, Echo, introduced its first sponsors today: Blue Microphones and Logitech.

The announcement comes just a few weeks before World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Shadowlands was supposed to launch. But, last week, the expansion was postponed with no new official release date disclosed.

Echo was formed earlier this summer after multi-time world-first raiding guild Method came under fire for issues regarding sexual misconduct by one of its members, MethodJosh. After numerous women, some of whom were underage, spoke out about inappropriate behavior by the Method raider, other members began questioning how Method allowed the alleged acts to happen.

Following a mass exodus of players and sponsors from Method despite MethodJosh’s immediate removal from the team, a major faction of the guild’s players regrouped to create Echo.

Logitech and its subsidiary Blue Microphone represent the guild’s first sponsors. With the growth of WoW’s raid races to become world first, the development is largely seen as necessary for the guild’s long-term survival.

Method helped the “Race to World First” explode in popularity on Twitch by streaming it for the first time at the beginning of WoW’s current expansion, Battle for Azeroth. Since then, their stiffest competition, Limit, joined Complexity’s umbrella of esports teams to promote and publicize the race as a viewing spectacle on Twitch.

As Echo looks to put itself in the same place that Method used to be in, and where Complexity Limit is now, adding sponsors and having “Race to World First” production partners will play a key role.