WoW Classic players are forming orderly lines to turn in quests

It seems that respectful and well-mannered behavior can exist in the virtual world.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic was released yesterday with record-breaking viewership and popularity, causing delayed queue times due to the mass influx of players. Even with all the traffic, the community found a way to politely manage the chaos.

One WoW streamer recorded a large group of players lining up in a queue to get a quest item in his stream yesterday.

The streamer noticed an orderly line of Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes politely waiting to turn in a quest in Coldridge Valley. In a wholesome moment, the players inched up after the person in front of the line finished talking to the NPC.

“Dudes are lined up to orderly get the quest item,” the streamer said. “Look at this shit. This is Classic right here.”

Another fan captured a similar phenomenon on the Horde side of Azeroth.

A long line of Orcs and Trolls formed to give everyone the chance to pick up a quest item. In a humorous conversation, one player took charge by announcing that there would be “no cutting” and that incoming players have to get to the “back of the line.”

So whether you’re Horde or Alliance, pure moments like these bring some peace to the bloodshed in WoW Classic.