WoW Classic Dueler’s League revealed with a $50,000 prize pool

Shine your armor and sharpen your swords.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Any WoW Classic fans who are ready to call it quits after taking out Ragnaros and Onyxia might want to think again.

YouTuber and content creator Tips Out unveiled the Classic Dueler’s League on Twitter yesterday. The event begins on Oct. 17 and includes a $50,000 prize pool.

Registration for the community event began yesterday, Oct. 1. Players can sign up to compete in the player-vs-player (PvP)  tournament, but only the best will be crowned the Duel King or Queen of Classic

The Classic Dueler’s League will host monthly events in an effort to keep players interested in the game even after the endgame raid content grows stale.

The tournament was previously announced by popular WoW streamer Zach “Asmongold” when he hinted that Blizzard would sponsor the event by adding to the prize pool.

Although this PvP tournament is community driven, Blizzard does host the Arena World Championship. Teams from across the globe compete in a showcase of skill to see which regions dominate. Last year’s AWC winners, Method Orange, won a grand total of $120,000.

While there’s no confirmation if a specific tournament server will be created for the Classic Dueler’s League, the event will likely take place on the streamer server, Faerlina.