World of Warcraft introduces paid transfers for Classic servers

Movin' on out?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard was transparent about its intentions to allow for paid transfers in World of Warcraft Classic prior to the game’s release, but it was never made clear when exactly those transfers would be available—until now. 

After extended server maintenance this morning, players began to notice that they had the in-game option to transfer their characters to other servers for $25 before Blizzard even officially announced that the feature was live. 

Over the past few months, Blizzard allowed limited free transfers on some of the game’s overpopulated servers and servers that had poor faction balance. Players who had bad experiences with the game due to long server queue times and faction imbalance were allowed to transfer without charge to specific servers as a way to remedy their troubles.

But up until this point, those limited-time transfer opportunities were the only way for people to move a character from one server to another. 

The new paid transfers do come with a few stipulations, however. A character can only move servers once in a 90-day period. There’s also a limit to the amount of gold that a character can bring over from one server to another, depending on what level they are, and players in PvE realms can’t transfer to PvP realms. 

Blizzard’s decision to allow for paid transfers comes exactly one week after the release of cross-realm battlegrounds that make inter-server player-vs-player content possible. Prior to last week, players could only interact with other players on their server.