When is Ludwig’s first YouTube stream?

He'll be on today.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/ludwig

Ludwig shook the livestreaming world yesterday with the announcement that he’s leaving Twitch in favor of an exclusive deal with YouTube—and the turnaround might be quicker than some could have expected.

At the end of the video he released yesterday, the date Nov. 30, which just happens to be today, appears on screen for a few seconds.

That’s right, Ludwig announced he was leaving Twitch and roughly 24 hours later, he should be live on YouTube Gaming instead.

While an exact start time for his stream was not announced in the video, there’s a little bit of speculation that can be done to determine a general time frame in which we might be able to expect him to go live.

As someone who lives on the West Coast, Ludwig doesn’t typically stream earlier than 12pm CT and he often streams closer to the evening time on the East Coast. 

In the past two weeks, four out of his eight streams have started later than 7pm CT. Most of his earlier streams have started after 3pm CT.

That being said, Ludwig’s move to YouTube is significant enough that he may end up doing something out of the ordinary with his schedule today.

Ludwig often doesn’t post on Twitter when his channel is live. But the grand nature of this occasion may lead him to post on social media prior to going live.

Update Nov. 30 7:02pm CT: Ludwig’s first stream has begun on YouTube.

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